The award winning WLX24164GB Bosch Washing machine is one of the best domestic machines for couples or small families. It makes a wonderful gift for families, couples, those starting out on their own, for Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays.

About the machine

This Bosch washing machine has 15 programmes from heavy soil to delicates. The spin cycle removes a considerable amount of water at 1,200 rpm.

It fits into spaces too small for other machines with dimensions of 84.7cm high, 60cm wide and 44cm deep. It will easily handle loads up to 4.5Kg and has water consumption per load of 40 litres.

It has a class A energy rating and uses an average of 0.76Kwh per load. This translates into savings on both the electric and the water bill.

The 3D spa system allows for faster washing and rinsing. Holes in the back wall of the drum combined with special paddles and a cascade programme allow soap and rinse water to clean every piece of laundry. No more dirty socks in a load of clean clothes. The pre wash feature ensures heavily soiled laundry will be clean after the regular cycle.

Consumer reviews

Consumers report the quietness of this machine makes it a dream come true. At 58dB, it is quieter than a normal human conversation. To let you know when the load is finished, it comes with an alarm that beeps so laundry is not left to dry damp, which can result in unpleasant odours.

Numerous reviews rave about the versatility of this machine. Heavily soiled work clothes, gym kits, and other clothing are cleaned quickly and easily. Dirt appears no match for the many programmes.

Small families wash many loads of laundry, something that would wear out another machine quickly. The WLX24164GB Bosch washing machine stands up to heavy wear like a champion. Blankets, linens, curtains (with hardware removed) and pillows fit into the machine and clean thoroughly.

The economical price is another point that consumers rave about. At less than £400, competitor’s machines with comparable performance cannot match the value. In terms of aesthetics, this machine actually looks more expensive than competitors’ models that cost more.

Overall, consumers gave this machine a 4.7 out of a 1-5 rating. Few other machines, regardless of price are rated this highly. Not a single consumer reported dissatisfaction with their purchase.

Shopping tips

Most retailers have free local delivery. Check with different retailers to see which might have low-cost or free installation. Some will pick up the old washing machine and take it to a recycling centre. After installation, the machine is ready to use. Your regular washing powder or liquid is fine with this machine.


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