You could be forgiven for thinking that air conditioning is just something you find in hotel rooms in those sunny faraway places but today more home and business and home owners realise just how beneficial it can be to install a system into a property or workplace. Providing clean, fresh air provides a wonderful environment to both live and work in. If you’ve been looking at an air conditioning with a view to installing a suitable system into a property, the benefits of doing so are listed below.

Ceiling air con units a great solution for larger spaces

Ceiling air con units a great solution for larger spaces

Creating Fresh, Clean Air

Providing fresh, clean air is essential to a person’s well being whether it’s in a working or living environment. The benefits are enormous and include helping to deal with respiratory conditions, allergies and in some working environments air conditioning keeps on top of a dust problem. Research has shown that people who suffer from certain debilitating health issues experience an improvement in their conditions when they spend time in an air conditioned environment. In short, it improves the quality of their lives.

Hospitals install air conditioning because apart from improving the quality of air in a working environment, it helps keep buildings clean which is a crucial factor where hospitals are concerned. When it comes to patients recovering from surgery or an illness, an air conditioned environment certainly helps their recovery time. Studies have shown that people who suffer from the following conditions benefit the most from being in an environment where the air is clean and where air conditioning has been installed.

  • People suffering from respiratory conditions
  • People who suffer from any sort of dust allergies
  • People who are prone to sinus problems
  • People who have limited mobility
Compressor are fitted outside preferably in a shaded

Compressor are fitted outside preferably in a shaded

How the Quality of Air Can Affect Your Health

A working environment needs to be comfortable and therefore the climate has to be well managed because even the healthiest person can suffer a stress related health problem if the environment they have to work in is not optimal. Apart from controlling the temperature, there’s the problem of invisible airborne dust particles to contend with which are ever present anywhere you find people in buildings. On top of this outside air pollution makes it crucial to create an inside environment that boasts fresh, clean air.

Air can often become stale as well as full of fumes and odours which is a sure sign it’s of poor quality. Odours could also mean there are unhealthy particles in the air and although these may not be toxic as such, they are no good for a person’s respiratory tract when they breath them in. Today’s modern air conditioning technology solves all these issues in one fell swoop.

Correct Climate Control Equals Comfort

When it comes to improved productivity, air conditioning is the perfect solution. Research has shown that general fatigue and tiredness usually happens in an environment that’s too hot or too cold with many people suffering from recurrent health conditions, namely coughs, headaches, colds and other niggling health issues.

It’s important to bear in mind that both humidity and temperature will impact just how your body works and as such it uses up stored energy faster when you have to spend time in environments that are too cold or too hot. Typically people feel tired not knowing why they feel this way whilst at the other end of the scale, dehydration may occur where humidity is low. This in turn means the body has to use up energy reserves so it can cope with the environment. Other things like stress, stiffness and fatigue set in and the body may well become more susceptible to all sorts of infections whether in a home or work environment.

The Long Term Benefits of Air Conditioning

People who spend time in an unhealthy environment on a constant basis can be put under a lot of stress which will eventually impact their immune system. This in turn means they are more vulnerable to any infections that may be hanging around. Air conditioning provides a much healthier environment and one which helps avoid any of the above health issues from occurring in the first place. As a result people are healthier, productivity is improved with everyone feeling a lot healthier and more comfortable all round.


There are many health benefits to installing air conditioning to both a home and work environment and although you may think the initial cost would be prohibitive, these days with all the options available you’ll be surprised at how affordable some of the systems actually are. If you are looking to improve the quality of air in the workplace, your initial investment will soon be re-cooped through enhanced productivity. In a domestic environment and living where the quality of air is fresh and clean makes for a healthier lifestyle.

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