green architecture

The green trend is more than just a fashion; it’s a way of life that more families should learn to embrace. It shouldn’t be just a trend when it’s something that’s going to save the world and make it a healthier, more sustainable place for your children and their children to live in someday.

If you’re interested in living a greener lifestyle, you don’t have to make major changes all at once. You can make a few small changes at a time. Each one makes a difference and they add up as the years go by.

Here are three ways to get started.

1. Buy energy-efficient appliances

This might be considered a big change because of the sheer expense of outfitting your home with new appliances, but if you’re looking to remodel your home or build a new one, this is a great tip to follow when you choose your new appliances.

Energy-efficient appliances use less power. This is not only good for the planet, its good for your wallet. The less energy your appliances use, the less of a mark you make on the environment and the less money you spend.

2. Change your bulbs

Energy-efficient bulbs also use less energy, last a lot longer, and make a big difference for your wallet and the world. They’re more expensive than your average light bulb, but they’re worth the few extra dollars it takes to install throughout your home. You’ll save significantly by not having to replace these bulbs every few months.

In fact, every bulb will save you approximately $83 over the course of its life. When you think about how many bulbs you have at home, that’s a lot of money.

4. Choose the right heating and cooling system

If you’re unsure which is going to best benefit your house, your family, the environment, and your finances, ask a professional. You might be surprised just how much the right heating and cooling system can have an impact on the environment and your wallet.

Going green shouldn’t be considered a trend. It should be considered a way of life, because it’s what’s going to protect the world. It really doesn’t matter why you decide to go green, so long as you do it.

Don’t let the overwhelming thought of making dozens of changes in and around your home scare you away from making green choices. Start small and make a big impact.



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