If you’re a professional running a home business, you’ll have noticed that as your business progresses, the administration trail gets longer. There’s more work to do, and usually not enough hours in the day to do it. This can become a major burden, if you’re doing a lot of ecommerce or your consultancy is managing multiple contracts. The solution is better business software, designed to streamline your accounts and administration work.

The business side of software

The administration issues can be a serious problem, particularly if you’re not a trained accountant or aren’t sure of the required methods of organizing your information. Simply correcting errors can become hard labour, if you find you have to re-enter pages of materials on spreadsheets. Another issue is basic information management. That situation in turn can create further problems if you’re stuck with large amounts of emails, letters, invoices and other clutter and have to spend time trying to organize it into meaningful, systematic information.

If you’re having these problems, you definitely aren’t alone. These are typical situations which all successful home businesses face when they achieve strong growth. You may be making tens of thousands of dollars, but your system has gone past its use-by date. Whether you’re a consultant or a media production company, an outsourcer or a contractor, the fact is that you’ve hit the point of information overload, and your existing system must be upgraded to do the job properly.

There’s a further issue that’s not at all obvious- All home businesses tend to be very much specialized. They need business software that will do the job for them, not generalized software packages designed for big corporations. The classic (and often expensive) mistake most home businesses make is to buy this generalist software, not the appropriate dedicated simple business accounting softwarethey actually need.

The good news about software for home businesses

Fortunately, there’s some excellent, customizable new software on the market that can solve these issues painlessly and cost-effectively. The new class of business management software called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, originally designed for big business, has been re-designed for small businesses. These systems can do all of your administration and accounting work on one system.

Small business ERP software is extremely efficient, removing the clutter and putting all your data and information on to one single system which can reduce your administration time from hours or days to minutes. No more hunting for elusive information among your records or wearing out your computers doing repetitive tasks, just a straightforward management system which can also do real time reporting and provide instant access to live data when you need it.

You can have your ecommerce, business accounting and your financial management all on one basic system designed for your business. It’s as efficient as it sounds, and you’ll never have to wade through mountains of data and hardcopy ever again. The providers of ERP software also act as technical advisors, ready to help if you need it.

ERP software is rapidly replacing the old business information systems around the world. It’s cost-effective, easily manageable, and adaptable to any industry or type of business. Check out the ERP options for your business, and you’ll be surprised by what’s available.



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