There are a few fascinating hobbies that can turn into valuable investments and with more people worrying about having enough money to see out their retirement years, some of these are gaining in popularity. If you are one of the many people who are worried about how to increase a retirement fund, investing in coins, stamps or ever film posters may well prove to be one of the solutions you’ve been looking for. These 3 investment hobbies can make money whilst you have fun collecting the things that interest you.

Stamp collecting is a fascinating hobby that can be a valuable investment too

1 Stamp Collections Can Turn into Valuable Assets

Stamp collecting has been a popular hobby that’s stood the tests of time. It’s a fascinating hobby that can turn into a serious investment for people who collect the more sought after stamps. However, for the hobby to become a valuable investment, you would need to keep your finger on the pulse and know which stamps to buy and the value of them. In short, you would need to get advice from specialists and to do as much research as you can on the Internet to back up any decision to invest in certain stamps.

There are specialists who offer interesting packages that suit beginners which means you don’t have to know that much about stamps to start collecting them. You literally put your investment in their hands so they can manage the investment portfolio for you. If however, you want to treat your hobby more as something you really enjoy doing, then you should still get some advice on which stamps are the best to keep in a collection. This means further down the line, your collection will have increased in value providing you with a lump sum should you wish or need to cash it in.

Coin collecting has become a popular hobby that adds to an investment portfolio

Coin collecting has become a popular hobby that adds to an investment portfolio

Coin Collection: A Hobby That Adds Value to an Investment Portfolio

Coin collecting has never been as popular as it is today. In the United States alone, it stands at $10bn a year industry and worldwide, this figure stands at a whopping $100bn. It is another one of the fascinating hobbies that people enjoy whilst at the same time knowing their investment may well pay dividends further down the line.

Although it’s not a hobby that will pay out dividends straight away, it is one that over time will prove to be a wise investment and one which could provide some security. This is especially true if you’ve built up a coin collection over time taking care to invest in coins that will become more valuable as time goes by. As long as you enjoy the hobby and understand that it’s a long term investment, then you will have a great time finding the right coins to add to a collection. Coin collecting has to be seen a wonderful hobby and one that can pay out dividends, find out more at which has an abundance of information on the topic.

Vintage & Contemporary Film Posters: A Fun Hobby that Could Prove Valuable

If you are a real film buff or not, collecting film posters is another great hobby that could pay out dividends if you have sought after posters in your collection. It does help if you are a bit of a film buff but it’s more important to know a little history about film posters and therefore an inkling of their value. If you are new to the concept but would like to take it up as a hobby, you might like to concentrate on posters that pre-date the eighties.

However, contemporary film posters are very collectible too but these have to be considered as very long-term investments that will only show a return on your money much further down the line. With this said some film posters will always be thought of as sought after. This includes all Disney, cult as well as posters that are bought out in advance of a film’s premier and ones which have been withdrawn from circulation.


It’s great having an interesting hobby to pass the time and if it’s one that proves to be a great investment too, then you have the best of both worlds. You get to collect the things you like and at the same time the money you put into a collection, increases in value which could prove to be quite a little nest egg when you need it.



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