Canada has been cited as a country most known for it’s beautiful natural landscapes, diverse ethnical cultures, and spectacular architecture. Canada has been listed countless times as the one of the top 5 countries to live safely and comfortably, in many popular publications such Time Magazine,CNN and Money Sense Magazine.

Putting aside it’s contribution to the world of sports with hockey all stars such as Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Mario Lemieux, and Guy Lafleur, or it’s array of entertainers who have dazzled the world over, such as, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Christopher Plummer or Dan Aykroyd, Canada is one of the more balanced countries to live, work and play.

Aside from a vibrant real estate industry, and also having large scale resources as with fisheries, wheat and oil, one of the most vital industries which employs the vast majority of Canada is the construction industry, with several larger corporations who have developed and built some of the worlds most beautiful and innovative landmarks.

Established over a century ago, Aecon Group Inc is one of those companies which have been at the forefront of . Being involved in the development and building of famous Canadian landmarks such as the CN Tower in Toronto Ontario, the Calgary Olympic Oval, and the St. Lawrence Seaway, has most recently been awarded the project to build a $279 Million subway train extension in Toronto.

The new Toronto subway project will involve 2.6km twin tunnel lines and two new stations to help commuters travel easily from Yonge University Spadina to the Finch West district, additionally a 110,000 square foot commuter station will be built. The project will not only relieve congested road traffic, make commuting easier for students and residents of Toronto, but will also infuse hundreds of jobs stimulating the growth and economy in the Toronto, Ontario region.

If looking for a new place to call home with in a healthy and clean environment, with a plethora of natural beauty and a vibrant industries to grow and prosper with, Canada is a wonderful all natural playground to choose.



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