All businesses whether large, medium or small have to keep an eye on the pennies these days. If overheads get out of control it can seriously affect profit margins which can result in companies struggling to stay afloat. If your energy or water bills are draining your resources, it could be time to take a much closer look at ways to bring these down. One effective method is to employ the services of an expert who would be able to carry out an in-depth auditing survey in order to clarify how your bills are calculated and to establish if the rates you currently pay can be improved.


Do you have problems understanding your bills?


Independent Energy and Gas Procurement Explained

You may have heard of energy brokers and maybe even used the services of one in the past. However, this often results in higher energy bills due to the fact energy providers tack the cost of a broker’s services onto your existing bills. In short, brokers normally work on commission which is added to the rate you normally pay. Energy brokers work on a “commission driven” basis which can turn out to be more expensive to clients which means their services defeat the object of the exercise which is to achieve lower energy bills.

There is an option available that’s a much more effective way of reducing business energy costs which does not involve using the services of a broker. This is to employ a specialist company that sources more affordable energy for businesses by procuring it directly from providers. The result for businesses means achieving substantial savings on their bills.

Knowing How Markets Are Moving Affects the Price You Pay

When it comes to sourcing cheaper energy, you need to use a company that monitors the market closely. This gives them an edge when it comes to buying energy at the right prices – namely when it’s more competitive. This is a pro-active way of reducing energy and water bills so they are more manageable and which means your profit margins are improved.


Expensive water bills can eat into your profit margins

Getting a Value for Money Service from the Experts

Obviously, when you use the services of any kind of expert, you have to expect to pay for their “expertise”. However, if you’re tired of paying energy brokers because it’s proved far too expensive in the past, consider paying a specialist company that works on a “fixed fee” basis. This is a much easier solution because you know exactly where you stand when it comes to your business overheads with the reassurance there are no surprises on the horizon – namely more expensive energy bills. For example David Brown Consulting advise on Business Water Rates Scotland, you’ll find similar experts across all the utility fields.

How Reductions in Energy Costs are achieved

A specialist company will be able to charge your business a fixed fee because of the way they operate. They don’t work on a commission basis which is paid to them by energy provider’s, instead their team of experts monitor the market with a view to sourcing the best deals out there before securing better rates for their customers. The end result is much cheaper energy rates for clients who are invoiced on a fixed fee basis by the company involved. In short, your business will enjoy substantial savings on energy bills when employing the services of a company that operates in this manner.


Keeping on top of fixed monthly overheads can make a huge difference to businesses whether small, medium or large. If you find you’re energy, gas or water bills are eating into your profit margins, it might be the right time to call in the experts who would be able to carry out an in-depth audit to find out why your business is paying so much. The end result could mean achieving substantial savings on monthly or quarterly energy bills which in turn help improve the all-important bottom line.




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