Whether you are planning a corporate event, a trade show, a trunk show or a sales promotion, your chances of success are greater when you use the right promotional model. However, getting the right promotional models for the right event is not a small task.

Understand Your Event Needs

Firstly, it’s important to understand the type of event you’re about to organize. Depending on that factor, you can determine the looks and personality of the models you want. For example, if it’s a trade show, you’ll want presentable models who’ll be brand-aware, and who are able to talk to consumers about your company and its offerings. If it’s a trunk show for clothes, cars or other static items, you need good-looking models to add some glamour to the event.

Shortlist Models And Look Up Prior Work Samples

Look up a good modeling agency based on its reputation, previous clients, ability to provide models at a moment’s notice and other conditions. Shortlist a few models based on what you’re looking for and review samples of the model’s prior work. Once you get to this stage, you can decide which models will work out for your event and which won’t. Use our guidelines to find the best .

Interview Each Model

Ask the model to talk about any subject they want. Check their body language and attitude. See if the model is professional, courteous, polite, relaxed and accommodating throughout your interview. Listen to the sound of the model’s voice – you want a pleasing, low-pitched voice that will not annoy listeners. The smile is very important – as far as interaction goes, a bright smile can make up for mistakes in verbal delivery.

Ensure Reliability, Punctuality And Efficiency

Would your customers still stay with you if you offer bad customer service? Substandard promotional staff is just as bad as substandard customer service, leaving people wary of your company, its brand and products. At the same time, efficient promotional staff can actually help retain your customer for you. Check with the agency about the reliability of each model – look for punctuality, efficiency, time-management skills and reliability.

Check For Values And Intelligence

It’s not enough if the promotional model is just good looking. What you need, especially when you need to promote your brand, is a model who will reflect your company’s core values and purposes. You need someone who looks trustworthy, is intelligent enough to understand and talk about your product, and conveys trust. An intelligent model is worth 10 boring but great looking models.

Check Out The Insurance

Insurance is one of the primary precautions to take while choosing promotional staff. Find out if the agency you’re working with offers insurance cover for the staff in case of an accident. For example, a model could get injured badly while demonstrating your product or while working at your venue. You will, of course, be responsible for public liabilities that occur at your event venue, but for other incidents, ensure that the models are insured by their agency.



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