There are people out there who will do stupid things to get you into a crash, so they can benefit from your car insurance premiums. Ask about these crazy situations when you get car insurance quotes, and when you compare car insurance premiums.

In the past, safety was the big topic in relation to driving cars. Now we have airbags and seatbelts in modern cars, and we are all concerned about our environment. The focus of discussion in relation to cars has switched to about saving fuel  and costs. Not only will you save money, but you will reduce your emissions. Small changes can have a radical effect on the amount of fuel you will use. Some drivers will use much more fuel than others. Here are some ways you can radically reduce the amount of fuel you use.  More modern cars will also mean better rates when you go to get car insurance. Replacing your car might be the best option – some governments are assisting with this.

  • Accelerate Slowly. A car does not use fuel in relation to the speed it is traveling. It uses fuel in relation to how much you push down the accelerator. You must drive at the speed limit anyway, and so what is the point of getting there any faster? Take your time getting to the speed you want. It is safer anyway.
  • Change Gears Appropriately. Another way a car uses fuel is related to rpm and torque. Being in too high a gear will mean more fuel is used to turn over the engine as it is under more pressure (torque). Too high rpm from too low a gear, and your car will use more fuel because the engine is turning over too much. Some people will think because their rpm is low, they are using less petrol. That is not the case. You need to use an engine so that it is operating in an optimal range.
  • Idling. Idling for a long period of time can really waste your fuel. If you are idling for about 10 minutes, you will  use around 1/3 of liter of fuel. This is something you should be very careful with. In traffic, it is not advised you turn off your engine, but if it is a particularly bad traffic jam, and you are at a standstill for long periods of time, it is an option. Watch the rear brake lights of the cars far ahead so you can restart your engine in advance.
  • Hi-octane Fuel. Hi-octane fuel might cost you more at the fuel pump, but it will result in a cleaner running engine. This can mean you save on some maintenance costs. Some cars will get much better economy with this better fuel. You should do a comparison to know the performance difference of your car. Because it is more expensive at the pump, does not necessarily mean you will be paying more.
  • Unload your boot. Are you carrying around unnecessary weight? This will really add to your fuel costs and greatly reduce your economy. Most people don’t realize what only a few kilograms will do. Empty your boot of unnecessary items.
  • Modern Cars. A newer car might actually be saving you money in the long run. You will get much better mileage, and you might not be paying as much in maintenance. A newer car is a very sensible option where possible.

More economical cars, will mean cheaper car insurance quotes, so think about what you are buying or intend to buy in the future.



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