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Once you’ve got the travel bug, it’s almost impossible to cure yourself. You begin with a few destinations in mind, and soon enough you’ve got a document the size of a novel with all the Jimbaran hotels, Marrakech souks, Buenos Aires clubs...


The trouble with office furniture generally is that it’s seen as “just furniture”. It’s largely taken for granted unless there’s a problem. Ironically, the real problem is that people don’t notice the problems until they’re serious...


Christmas is a special family time. Your child’s very first Christmas is a particularly special time for you, but given they don’t really remember it, it probably doesn’t really count as their first Christmas for them. It also means you...


How to Build Your Confidence

We all get nervous from time to time and wish we had more self-confidence. It could be just a general feeling, or when meeting new people, when in unfamiliar situations or in certain aspects of our jobs. Here are some ways that will help you... read more »


7 Common Australian Sayings

Australians have lots of common slang words or sayings that often sound peculiar to those coming to live, visit or study English here. Aussies are very unique in both their English dialect and the many phrases and sayings they have to communicate... read more »


Five important features of business names

When you start a new business, one of the important points that have to be kept into mind is to provide a suitable name to your business or organization. The name should be easy to remember, catchy, creative and should be such that it can help... read more »


10 Quick Security Tips

Home security should be high on everybody’s list of priorities. We spend our lives working to create comfort for ourselves so it is vital that we protect that comfort once we have achieved it. This article will consider 10 quick, easy and... read more »


Convince Yourself – Choose to Quit!

I bet when you first read this title, you thought of all the cigarette addicted want-to-be quitters out there who simply can’t give up no matter how hard they try. But the fact of the matter is, with so many chocolate bars, ice creams, bakeries... read more »


Basics of Buying a Steel Kit Home

Steel kit homes are increasingly popular all over developed economies. If you have ever owned a steel frame home, you will know how practical they are, and how well they stand up. After 7 years of home ownership, I am completely amazed at the... read more »


Why architects, developers and quantity surveyors are selecting stainless steel for constructing balustrades and handrails?

With changing trends, architects, developers and quantity surveyors are looking for balustrades and handrails that are the best  quality as well as have attractive designs. There are numerous options available for constructing balustrades a... read more »


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