Brad Campbell is an Internet marketing coach who shows online entrepreneurs and local business owners how to dominate the search engines for profitable keywords and then convert targeted traffic into lifelong buyers, using classy, education-based marketing techniques.

Why Coaching Is Critical To Your Success

Tell me, when is the last time you saw a world class athlete, a high earning professional (such as a doctor or lawyer) or even a chart-topping musician who achieved all their success without ever having a coach, mentor, teacher or professor? Chances... read more »


Customized Fat Loss Review

Customized Fat Loss Review Brad's Customized Fat Loss Review Fitness pro Kyle Leon recently launched a new cutting-edge weight loss system.  Let’s see if this is truly a fat burning breakthrough or just a bunch of hype.  Welcome... read more »


Continuity with Instant Affiliate Paydays

Internet marketing is a fantastic way to make money and earn a living on your own terms but there are some unique pitfalls to this lifestyle.  Instant Affiliate Paydays is an online course designed to help people start their own online business.... read more »


List Eruption Review: Steps to List Building

So, you want to build a list… The basics of setting up the system to begin building a list are relatively simple. There will be some decisions to make along the way to personalize and tweak according to your niche and marketing goals but overall... read more »


List Building with List Eruption: What Do You Have to Offer?

Most everyone in internet marketing these days realizes that list building is one of the essential techniques for long term success. To have a group of people that will allow you to communicate and essentially sell to them over a long period... read more »


List Eruption Review

List Eruption Review: “List Building Plugin Breakthrough or Epic Fail?” Hey everyone, Brad here, and I wanted to write a quick review for the new List Eruption software and training system set to launch on Monday. First thing’s... read more »


30 Second Smile Review » The Wonder Toothbrush?

My official 30 Second Smile review:  “An amazing toothbrush or just an over-hyped infomercial product?” In recent years there have been a lot of studies that show just how important good dental hygiene is not only for your teeth... read more »


Net Space Profits 2.0 Review » Buyer Beware

In this Net Space Profits 2.0 review, I’m going to tell you what this course is all about, who it’s for, who it’s NOT for, the pros, the cons… and even mention a cool bonus offer exclusive to Net Space Profits 2.0 buyers… So... read more »


Instant Affiliate Paydays » Review and Bonus Video

Hey everyone, Brad Campbell here (yep, a “real guy” as you can see in the pic below) and welcome to my Instant Affiliate Paydays review and bonus video post. Like I said in the title, you can expect an A to Z guide that’s designed... read more »


Affiliate Marketing Tips: Importance of On Page SEO

For internet marketers it is very important to become skilled in search engine optimization (SEO) ranking techniques. A lot of people have the attitude that since they only want to advertise using paid methods they can just avoid this whole... read more »


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