Joining the Top 100 Writers is only through the waiting list. Why? Because there are currently 100 writers, so theoretically, there is no room for new writers, but…

A new “rotation” starts every few weeks to a month (next rotation will start at the 1st of November 2011). The worst 10 writers are delisted and new people from the waiting list are added to the Top 100 Writers.

How and When?

The current rotation date is the 1st of November 2011. The worst 20 authors get an email ~2 days before, telling them that 10 of them will be excluded in a short period of time.  When the time period is ended, the ranking mechanism will run again and the worst 10 authors will be excluded from the Top 100 Writers.

Only the top 10 from the waiting list are added. The way the top 10 are chosen is similar to the way writers are ranked (read here about the ranking algorithm). Their pending posts are ranked and people in the waiting list who ranked higher will be moved to the authors list.

That means, people in the waiting list can add new posts; they only can’t publish them. Adding new posts when you are in the waiting list is very helpful. It won’t only increase your chances to be added as a writer, but it also will give you a head start in the next rotation when the worst 10 writers will be excluded!

Do people on the waiting list have to add posts?

No, it’s not a must, but when the “rotation” takes place, those who ranked highest will become writers, which means those who didn’t post anything will be ranked lowest. If there are several writers with no posts they will be added to the writers by FIFO rules).

What happens to the posts of those who “failed” to become writers?

Well, they will have one of two choices:

1. Try their luck in the next rotation. They will be able to add more posts and increase their chances.

2. Just take their content to someplace else. They will still have limited access to their account and they will be able to copy their content.

How much time does it take from the moment someone is placed on the waiting list until the ranking is done?

It depends on how fast the waiting list is filled with the minimum required at that round (and the extra time after the waiting list is full), but according to the joining rate until now, it will take several days to a week.

How to register ?


Very simple, just and follow the simple instructions.


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