All the rules for posts are listed here. Although all the writers will receive the basic ground rules by email when they join, with time new rules will be created. This is the place where I add them, and although each time a new rule is added all writers will receive an email with it, you should return here once in a while to make sure your posts still oblige the rules.

All the rules below, although they might be separated into different categories, are obligatory and breaking them is not an option. In the beta stage (in which we are now), I’ll probably shoot warnings (unless I feel it was done on purpose), but eventually breaking these rules might lead to immediate suspension/articles deletion:

A. Basic and fundamental rules

1. Post must be unique, written specially for this blog (no rewrites, spun posts, etc.)

2. Quality is a key factor here. Your posts must contribute to the reader.

3. Post can have up to two outgoing links linking to one of your sites which is indexed by Google.

4. Links can be placed starting from the third part of the post.

5. Post must have a minimum of 350 words.

6. “Excessive Optimizing” – Just don’t do it (bolding/underlying every keyword you want to rank for, keyword stuffing etc.) It won’t help your rank in the SEs, but will just get your post/account deleted.

7. Niches- Posts can be in any niche as long as it’s legal, non- porn/gambling, and not about Viagra.

B. Additional basic rules

1. Links must be related to the post content, e.g., writing a post about ducks and linking from the word sleeping to your sleeping problems site is a no-no. No linking to affiliate offers. You have to link to your site, which in turn, can link to an affiliate offer.

2. You can choose up to two categories for a post.

3. Titles of a post must be significantly different from your other previous posts (“How to cook ducks” and “Way to cook ducks” are not different titles. “How to cook ducks” and “How to raise ducks” are different – both talking about two different things).

4. “Sales letters” – Keep your posts informative and don’t make them look like sales pages. It is hard to technically define what makes a post become a “sales letter”, but you know what I mean. In addition, don’t use a call to action with “Buy now/Purchase here/etc.” phrases.

5. Manipulating the rankings – Just don’t try it; you’ll get banned. Read carefully how authors get ranked to learn what you can and can’t do!

I’m not asking you to go back and update your previous articles for breaking section B rules (since they didn’t exist at the time you wrote your posts) except those who broke B.2. If you choose more than two categories per post, please update your posts.

I know we all hate rules. Believe me I hate them the most, but these rules will make sure things will go right for all of us. In addition, the basic rules will help you start on the right foot with the ranking algorithm.

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As always feel free to shoot me any question or suggestion.


Q: I just submitted a few articles and all of them ranked last (so does my author rank).

A: Ranking script is activated once every few days. Until then new articles are ranked last and so are new authors.

Q: I submitted an extraordinarily high-quality post and it is ranked so low. How come?

A: The most important aspects of the ranking algorithm is user engagement on your post. The newer your post is, the less data exists for the ranking algorithm to process. Hence the lower ranking. If your post is really great, its visitors will react in a way that the ranking script will identify and score it highly.

Q: I just browsed the blog and saw quite a few low-quality posts. How come?

A: As long as the authors don’t break the above rules their posts are published. Eventually the worst authors will get delisted. But it will take some time until the 100th author will still be a very good one.

Q: Are videos and/or images allowed in posts?

A: Yes, they are. More than that, you will get extra points for creating a “media-rich” post. But, like in content, don’t use copyrighted material. You’ll get banned for that!

Q: Can I link to authority sites? Will it be counted as one of the two links I can put?

A: Yes, you can. No, it will not count as one of the two links you can put. But, all posts with more than two links are reviewed manually by me, and if I don’t realize the extra

links are to authority sites, you’ll get an email asking you to remove those. You’ll just have to reply explaining which links are to authority sites and why.

Have more questions? Check in the FAQ page or Shoot a comment here and I’ll add it to the FAQ.