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What is a HDMI Wall Plate?

A HDMI Wall Plate is a great little piece of kit. It will allow you to connect your High Definition Television to your Home Theater equipment via a high quality HDMI Cable – all while keeping those ugly cables hidden from sight, wherever... read more »


My fantasy, how will it be in 50 years?

My Fantasy On How It All Will Be In 50 Years, what’s your opinion? Tornadoes, Hurricane’s, Volcanic Eruption, Floods, Earthquakes, Avalanches, Blizzards, Hailstorms, Heat Waves, Tsunamis,  Landslides. In 50 years we have to deal with... read more »


Erectile dysfunction Responsible For Creating Friction In Couples

A recent study shows that erectile dysfunction is being blamed for the couples breaking after marriage.  It has been seen that around 64 % of men in Egypt face erectile problems.  This problem of erectile dysfunction has been especially... read more »


Why is In-line CSS Bad?

CSS is used to style a web pages content. As XHTML is not meant to contain any information in regards to the web pages layout or formatting, CSS is the tool you use instead. Something I see on a day to day basis is web developers using inline... read more »


Getting out of debt can be difficult especially if you are wallowing in a deep pool of owed money. Indebtedness is unavoidable in this day and time, what with the rising cost of living and the slow rise of salary. Today, the average person applies...


Facebook Friends List Can Get You in Trouble

Facebook is a popular social networking platform. However, you have to know that lot of information you share on the facebook can invite trouble for you.  Even a seemingly harmless thing like your friends list can make you go through hell. ... read more »